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What Equipment Do I Buy?

         What Equipment Do I Buy?

This is the first question people ask.  Maybe someone getting out of
the business offers a “good deal” to buy their equipment.  In
either instance, almost everyone getting into the screen printing industry
starts by buying equipment.  What a huge mistake.

The first step should be preparing a sales plan.  Who do you think will buy what?  And
at what time of the year?  You do not want to work to exhaustion during
some months of the year to pay for losses sustained during other months of
the year.  So get 14 column paper.  Column 1 will be a listing of
sales programs.  The next 12 will be the months of the year.  The
last column will be the totals for each program for the year.  You will
also be able to get totals by month.

Examples of sales programs are one color shirts for landscapers, roofers, contractors
of all kinds, yard signs for the same people, yard signs for people running
for public office, real estate signs,  senior high school fund raiser
shirts, event shirts, caps, gloves, bumper stickers, and too many more to mention.  The
potential is limitless.

Garments that require a lot of work for low quantity orders should be avoided.  Examples
would be a volleyball team, especially for girls who want a lot of images on
the garment.  Many athletic orders are unprofitable.

The sales plan will open your eyes to the potential of your business, and give you direction
where you should put your effort.  You will also start to get a better
idea of what equipment and facility you will need to support your objectives.  If
you buy equipment before preparing the sales plan, you might find the equipment
investment has been largely wasted.

Once the sales plan has been completed, do I buy equipment?  No, no, no.  The
next step is training.  Now you need that coach.  Training will also
affect your decision making about what equipment, facility and supplies you
will need.

Once you have completed the sales plan and training, then you can specify what equipment
you will need to meet your objectives.

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