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Handles can be wood which are less expensive or aluminum.  Aluminum provides
better support for the blade to prevent it from bending.  Blades come
in different hardness, called durometer, and construction.  A blade can
be one durometer, or a blend of two or three durometers.  Wood handle
squeegees with 70 durometer blades are the most common used, but for difficult
printing like white ink on dark garments, an aluminum handle with a triple
durometer blade works better.  Most important, the blade should be sharp.

Sharp blades cut inks better and easier than dull blades just like a sharp knife works better
in the kitchen. Squeegees should be drawn through a home made sharpener before
each use to polish the edges like a barber polishes his razor on a leather
strap.  A home-made sharpener is just a piece of fine sandpaper like 300
grip facing up on a board.  Then stand a squeegee vertically on the sandpaper
which is supported on both sides with bars or wood strips on both sides of
the blade.  Then just draw the squeegee down the track several times before
each use.

Squeegee handles that have bolts should have those bolts spaced no more than 4 apart
and within of each end of the squeegee to prevent the corners
of the blade from bending.  The blade should be 2 longer than the
image is wide so that the blade extends about 1 beyond the image on
each side. 

Squeegees should be wiped clean immediately after use.  If any chemical is used
to clean the blade, the blade should be flushed with water.  Ink and chemicals
left on blades will result over time in the blade becoming hard.  The
blade can then chip and crack.  When stored, squeegees should not be left
on the blades, but rather suspended in the air or upside down.

Squeegees are a very important tool that gets no respect or attention in most shops,
but is important to your success.

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