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If the image area of a screen is clogged with ink, the screen probably is

not a recently re-tensioned retensionable screen at high tension, and the ink
is thick.  Solve these problems, and you probably will not need a screen

The best way to open a screen is to use a biodegradable product made from soybeans that
you can spray on the screen, or better, spray on a cloth and use to wipe the
screen.  Products like Color Change made by Franmar are ideal.  We
strongly recommend buying or using a spray called Screen Opener, because we
believe such products are harmful to your health.

All products are 100% Made in USA, except mesh. No mesh is made in USA. There is NO Odor from any products we sell, or risk to children and pets. All products are green. The greatest health hazard is spray adhesive, but we offer Double Tape which eliminates spray adhesive, costs less, produces better print quality and allows you to print faster. We can tell you how to reduce your electric bill, sales taxes and more. We will help you improve your business.