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Newman ST-2E Tension Meter

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Newman ST-2E Tension Meter
Newman ST-2E Tension Meter
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The meter will tell you the tension in the mesh.  Different tensions are recommended for different mesh counts.  The mesh will relax after being tensioned.  So the meter is used also when re-tensioning the mesh to determine whether recommended tension levels are being achieved.  We do not recommend buying a meter, unless you have at least 12 frames and use a lot of 230 and  higher mesh.  The higher mesh counts break easily, and the meter helps to avoid wasting mesh.  The ST-2E meter measures up to 130 N/cm.  In practice, you will never achieve such high tension.  The meters are technical instruments that must be handled carefully and never placed on a table on the portion of the meter that measures tension.  The meter is shipped with a case.  When the meter is not on a screen or in your hand, the meter should be in the case to prevent damage.
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