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Newman MZX Cap Frame-

Part Number MZX Cap Frame (replaces M-1)
Newman MZX Cap Frame-
Newman MZX Cap Frame-
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These frames are the only way to print caps.  8.5" x 13" O.D. with a bar on one 13" side.  Retensionable frames are more important for cap printing than even shirt printing.  One side of the frame must be thin to print the image close to the bill of the cap.  Being thin, that side will bow and lose tension, except the tension is taken up from the opposite side of the frame.  So much tension is developed that the thin bar will bow in toward the center of the frame.  We recommend coating with capillary film rather than liquid emulsion so the edge of the frame is sealed and ink does not leak out of the screen.  We expose images as close as 1/16" to the inside of the screen.  Then the image will appear low on the cap and a full size image can be printed.  Typically we use a coarse mesh like 110 for most printing.  The two  corners of the frame are located under a flat bar in the press to secure the frame firmly and to prevent any pitching of the frame  within the press.  This is the #1 frame available for printing caps.  Mesh and Alignment Clips to insert mesh are sold separately.  An adjustable open ended wrench or 1-1/4" open ended wrench and 5/8" socket wrench which are sold by any hardware store are required.  See the video "Stretching M-1 Cap Screens."  M-1 frames are no longer made, but the procedure is the same.
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