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There are only three numbers you have to control to be very successful.  They
are overhead, profit margin and pieces per hour.

Overhead is lowest when the business is operated out of the home, garage or other available
free space.  Then you will be able to pay yourself and not have to worry
about paying a landlord.  The worst mistake is to open a shop in retail
space where the public walks in, and you cannot control your time and productivity.

Profit margin is the difference between what you pay for a garment and what you sell
it for.  The vendors all know each other.  So the potential for cost
reduction is limited.  However, the opportunity for higher prices is unlimited.  People
do not pay the same prices for the same work.  Understanding who pays
the most, and how to sell to these people will be critical.

Pieces per hour is a simple count of what was printed per hour.  A typical person
should print 120 one color shirts per hour.  As the number of colors increases,
the number of shirts printed per hour drops.  There are a lot of factors
that determine pieces per hour.  Examples are the diameter of the press,
tightness of the mesh in the screen, proximity of the conveyor dryer, and many

When you multiply profit margin per shirt times pieces per hour you will find one and
two color work to be more profitable than three and four color work.

If you want to make money, do not extend credit.  All customers, including friends
and relatives, pay 50% down with order and balance when you are ready to deliver.  Never
deliver without full payment.  Some large corporations and many schools
are terrible about paying their bills.  Let one of their employees pay
you, because the employee will get reimbursed much quicker than you will be
paid.  You cannot afford to be the bank for large companies and schools.

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