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JP14 JetPress 12"x14" Swinger

Part Number JP14
JP14 JetPress 12"x14" Swinger
JP14 JetPress 12' x 14" Swinger
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Price includes shipping.  12"x14" heat platen.  Fully adjustable temperature control.  Solid steel welded framework.  Heavy duty clamping & locking pressure with minimal operator effort.  Large easy to close handle.  Heating indicator light.  Superior heater coil technology that has given Geo. Knight its reputation for the best-in-class product. Easy lift/gas spring assisted lift.   Accurate temperature temperature gauge.  Silicone pad pressing surface.  Lifetime warranty on heating element.  1 year warranty on entire press. Electric 120 v-1200 watts, 10 amps. 
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