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                 Getting Started


If you want to play golf on the pro circuit, the smart move is to get a professional
golfer as an instructor.  The instructor will show you the best methods
and correct your mistakes.  If you expect to teach yourself, you have
an unqualified teacher.

There is no manufacturer or distributor in the industry, except R Jennings Mfg., using
the products in production they make or sell.  So, for example, some
companies sell flash dryers without temperature control.  Temperature
control is as necessary on a flash dryer as on the stove in your kitchen, because
you will be cooking different kinds and thickness of inks and varieties of
fabrics.  Without temperature control, you risk scorching garments before
fully curing inks.

 You will see conveyor dryers without doors.  Do you have doors
on your house?  Similarly, you want to control the environment under the
hood of your conveyor dryer.  Many conveyors sold donít have doors,
and there for do not cure inks near the doors.

 Some inks sold are so thick and heavy that you will have difficulty
getting them through the screen.  There are so many examples I can provide
where advice from a manufacturer or distributor should not be followed.  On
the other hand, the advice might be excellent.  How do you know?

When you select a coach, what are the accomplishments?  Is the person recognized
by the industry as being a knowledgeable person?  Has the person published
any articles, received any patents, or been invited to speak at industry conferences?  Can
the coach show you garments he or she has printed?   Always check
references.  Ask questions of the coach.  A good coach will answer
all questions, and in time you will find out whether the advice you received
was good or bad.

Look before you leap off the cliff.  Most people who buy into this industry buy from
the first person they meet only to regret their haste later.  The failure
rate of new shops is high, because of haste and not having a coach.

A good coach is a person who knows all the options and consequences of each option.  There
are very few people in the industry who have spent the thousands of hours necessary
to work with and evaluate every option.  Most screen printers are self-trained
who mastered one option without discovering and evaluating other options.  Schools
offer an instructor with experience, but for the student there is too much
information too fast to be able to create a profitable business.  When
you are new to the industry, you need comprehensive initial training, and then
continuing support so that you continually receive guidance to improve your
game.  Thatís how you become a champion.


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