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FREE Home Made Exposure Unit

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FREE Home Made Exposure Unit
Customer Built Exposure Unit
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Make your own exposure unit from materials you have or can buy locally. 

Instructions: A bulb that is 110 volts will be at most 500 watts, and take 30 minutes to expose a screen.  At 220 volts and 1000 or more watts, the exposure time will be about 3 minutes.  If making screens at home, the clothes dryer is probably 220 volts.
The light should be the diameter of a cigar and about half the light.  ONE bulb only.  These are sold in fixtures at stores that serve commercial electricians.  Do not go to Home Depot or Lowes, because such consumer stores do not carry  1000 watts/220 volt outdoor light fixtures.  If your images are larger than 12" x 12", measure the diagonal of the image, and multiply by 1.5 to know how far away the light should be from the screen.  The wattage needs to increase at the same rate as the increase in the square area, or exposure will take longer.

Exposure Unit

See this video to understand how quality exposure units work.

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