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Double Tape sheet 15" x 15"

Part Number Double Tape sheets
Double Tape sheet 15" x 15"
Double Tape after printing
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1.  Eliminate the health hazard of spray adhesives, and low productivity of liquid adhesives.  If  you believe smoking is bad for your health, what about adhesives in your lungs?  Cancer, for sure.
2. Remove lint by spraying Double Tape with water.  Place your hands flat on the platen, and rotate in circular motion.  Lint rolls up.  Dust off.  Then loading and removing shirts will be easier and faster than all other options for adhesives.  You also only place a sheet of Double Tape large enough for the image size so there is no adhesive on the rest of the platen.  That reduces your consumption of Double Tape, and makes loading and unloading easier with no adhesive on parts of the platen.
3. By removing the lint, you will be printing on a flat print surface and able to produce better quality prints.  Spraying adhesive over lint reduces print quality.
4. Eliminate the mess in the shop of adhesives all over the press, on the floor, walls and ceiling that collect lint.  Clean shops impress customers and encourage employees to produce better quality.
5. Double Tape when properly maintained is good for 1200-1400 prints.  Double Tape is less expensive than all other options.
6. We recommend starting with sheets, but rolls cost about half the price of sheets.
In the photo is shown a sheet of Double Tape that was used to print a dark shirt.  The Double Tape is loaded with lint that will be removed by spraying with water and rubbing hands on the platen.  The lint will roll up into little balls that are dusted off.  If the adhesive feels wet, or the adhesive does not feel sticky, flash cure.  The cardboard is used to maintain the screen in an off-contact position when printing with Newman frames.  Only the mesh under the edge of the squeegee blade touches the garment, and then the mesh peels off the garment as the squeegee is drawn across the garment.  Maintaining the off-contact allows more ink to be released to the garment for better opacity.
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All products are 100% Made in USA, except mesh. No mesh is made in USA. There is NO Odor from any products we sell, or risk to children and pets. All products are green. The greatest health hazard is spray adhesive, but we offer Double Tape which eliminates spray adhesive, costs less, produces better print quality and allows you to print faster. We can tell you how to reduce your electric bill, sales taxes and more. We will help you improve your business.