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Curious Stuff

Curious Stuff

Digital Temperature                      $75

Displays temperature in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit, as you select, within one degree accuracy.  Comes with battery, and two thermocouplers.  One is for direct contact temperature reading, and the other reads ambient air.  The Digital Temperature Display can be mounted outside the conveyor, and the thermocouple located inside the conveyor to display  the temperature continuously inside the conveyor.

Temperature strips are crude and inaccurate.
Ray guns are inaccurate, because the temperature displayed changes with the distance and angle to the object.

Pantone Color Formula Guide              $115.00

You receive two stacks of cards, one for coated and the other uncoated colors. Each card has color chips which are identified by PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers for screen printing.  By comparing these color samples to a mystery color, you can identify the PMS number of the mystery item.  You then can go to one of the ink color matching systems like Unimatch and look up the formula to create that PMS color.

                                                       Qt.                Gal.

Chalkboard Black Ink
PLFX-CK800                            $18.00          $60.00

Tape off the inside of a coarse mesh screen, and print Chalkboard Black through the window.  Cure the ink, and then write on the ink with chalk like writing on the blackboard at school.  Great for parties, athletic competitions, and other spirited group events.  If you print through capillary film or liquid emulsion, then your blackboard will have a custom shape.

Water-based Inks

Unidye is for towels and Aerotex is for T-shirts.  We do not stock these inks, but can get them usually within 2-3 days.  They do not store well like plastisol inks, since the water can evaporate.

Towels should be printed with water-based inks to achieve a soft feel to the print.  White towels are best, because water-based inks are not opaque.  Towels printed with plastisol inks have rough images that are unsatisfactory.  When you have a choice, velour towels print better than terry.

Water-based inks require the use of dual cure emulsion or capillary film.  The inks will dry fast in the screen.  So a pot of water and wet towel to wipe the bottom of the screen to open the  image is a good idea.  After pulling the squeegee in a print stroke, lift the screen and immediately and very lightly push the ink back over the image area.  The ink must not be pushed through the screen.  Laying a coat of ink over the image will keep it moist and prevent ink from drying in the image.  Work quickly.

Water-based inks are not opaque or as environmentally friendly as plastisol inks.  Water-based inks work best on white and light colored garments.  The inks must first be dried, i.e. the water removed with a lot of warm air rather than infra-red heat, and then once dry cured like plastisol to fuse the pigment to the garment.  Water-based inks do leave a very soft feel to the image, but the same can be achieved with plastisol inks by an accomplished screen printer.  Water-based inks can be dry cleaned unlike plastisol inks.

For those customers who want a very soft print on a dark garment, print an under-base super opaque white, dry, and then print a plastisol ink through a 230 or higher mesh count.  The super opaque white on a black shirt, for example, leaves a gray image area.  The water-based ink takes the color strength out of the black.  The plastisol has more opacity and can provide  the color strength required without the build up of ink associated with plastisol inks.


There is no ink that is reflective to meet the ANSI 107 standard for EMT's, fire, police and highway workers.  To achieve that degree of reflection of light, an adhesive is printed on reflective paper as a reverse image and flash cured.  We have the paper in stock.  Then the image is transferred tot he garment.  For details, contact R Jennings Mfg. Co.  Inks labeled as reflective are not truly reflective and are more a novelty item for costumes.


Foils are laid over flash cured adhesive on a garment, and then sealed to the garment with a heat transfer machine.  A variety of colors are available.  Call for details.  

Discharge Inks

Don't do it.  The dye in the garment must be dischargeable, but garments are not marked.  So you could set up to print and have a disaster.  Discharge inks all contain water.  So a dual cure emulsion or capillary film is required.  A smarter approach is to print super opaque white water-based ink as an under-base.  Then you do not have to worry about whether the dye in the garment is dischargeable or not.

Transfer Papers

PAPR-SU11     Transfer paper for hot split and cold peel transfers  $110.00
PAPR-ST12      Transfer paper for hot split only                                  $ 50.40
Transfer paper comes in box of 1000 sheets 12.5" x 12.5"
Larger sizes are available

Unistretch Inks

UNST-1000  White                    $21.00/qt
UNST-9160 Clear                      $19.50/qt
Plastisol inks stretch up to 100% without cracking when properly cured.  Spandex, Lycra and other garments like Under Armour and ladies ribbed under-sized shirts where the ink will be stretched more than 100% can be modified with up to 25% addition of UNST so inks can stretch to 300% without cracking.

Glitter Plastisol Inks

We do not recommend these inks, because Union Ink recommends using mesh with 20-25  threads per inch.  That is very, very coarse.  The reason is the flakes in the ink cannot pass through a higher mesh count.  Few shops have mesh this coarse.  The Crystalina PAGL-J100 in this ink series can be printed through 60 mesh.

All products are 100% Made in USA, except mesh. No mesh is made in USA. There is NO Odor from any products we sell, or risk to children and pets. All products are green. The greatest health hazard is spray adhesive, but we offer Double Tape which eliminates spray adhesive, costs less, produces better print quality and allows you to print faster. We can tell you how to reduce your electric bill, sales taxes and more. We will help you improve your business.