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CDF-QT-100 8" x 10" 100 microns (10 sheets/box)

Part Number CDF-QT-100 8"x10"
CDF-QT-100 8" x 10" 100 microns (10 sheets/box)
CDF-QT-100 8"x10" 10 sheets
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CDF films are photopolymers that expose 4 times faster than dual cures and diazo films.   Use with plastisol inks only.  There also is no sensitizer that would spoil the film in two years like diazo films.  Thick films (100 microns or thicker) require a high wattage exposure unit.    The option is to expose 50 microns, wash out, and laminate another 50 microns which is then exposed and washed out.
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