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About Us

R Jennings Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Contact us 
[email protected] ... 800-500-2279 ... 518-798-2277

265 Warren Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

We love to help people! 
We get a lot of calls.  So get organized with your questions before calling, and then be prepared to talk fast.  The phones ring constantly.  Best not to call 3-4:30 pm Eastern time...the rush hour when most customers, unfortunately, send supply orders, and we stress out.  We also print here.  So we can help you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Contact Us.

Thanks for shopping with us!

How to Contact Us:
Email: 7 days/week to 11 pm Eastern time.  If you want a return phone call, please provide phone number, because person calling from outside office has no access to office records.
Phone: Mon-Fri 10 am - 6 pm Eastern time, and possibly longer.  If no answer, please let phone ring at least 5 times, and speak slowly with name, phone number, and how we can help you.  This is a very noisy manufacturing plant where we can only hear the phone if standing very close.
Shipping to the World from:
265 Warren Street.
 Glens Falls, NY  12801 near Lake George
Ph: 518-798-2277 or 800-500-2279

History of Company:
Roger Jennings started the business in 1979 by renting a building and hiring skilled personnel to supply high voltage electrical substations and transmission towers.  The Company has shipped over 4000 high voltage projects.  The customers included utilities like ConEd, New York State Electric and Gas, New England Electric, and many others.  Also, projects have been shipped to rural electric utilities, municipal electrics, electrical contractors, and industrial companies.  Projects include the IBM plant in Essex Jct, VT, a co-gen in CA for GE, the co-gen at SUNY Stony Brook, L.I., the West Milton nuclear plant near Saratoga, NY, a pumping station in WY for Bechtel, and numerous others.  There is little construction during the winter.  So Roger worked with staff to develop printing presses and dryers to keep people working during the winter.  After extensive R&D and printing experience a product line was developed with patents in the U.S., Canada and Europe to protect critical advantages.  Competitors copied, and the Company sued 13 times in the U.S. and Canada.  After winning all the suits the stealing stopped and screen printers are protected from copies that do not perform like the original inventions.  Initially the Company sold through distributors, but found other manufacturers and distributors do not print in production, and therefore do not provide the best advice to screen printers.  The Company then became a distributor for the best brands, and only sells the products it uses in its own printing production.  Customers tell us daily that our advice is superior to any other source.  The key is hands-on experience and extensive testing.  Call or email us, and see if our support isn't the best you have experienced.
All products are 100% Made in USA, except mesh. No mesh is made in USA. There is NO Odor from any products we sell, or risk to children and pets. All products are green. The greatest health hazard is spray adhesive, but we offer Double Tape which eliminates spray adhesive, costs less, produces better print quality and allows you to print faster. We can tell you how to reduce your electric bill, sales taxes and more. We will help you improve your business.