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Part Number NYBE-9120-32
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Chemical additive to plastisol inks printed on tightly woven fabrics like coaches jackets so ink will adhere to fabric.  Add at most 15% of ink weight or volume in Nylobond.  Nylobond will make ink soupy.  Ink will be more stable to print with less, e.g. 10%, but amount also depends on mesh count.  Nylobond should not be added until ready to print, because it dries quickly.  As it dries, the ink will become stiffer to print, but more Nylobond can be added.  Once printing starts, keep printing until the job has been completed.  On large jobs, mix ink with Nylobond in small batches as needed.  Always close the container of Nylobond immediately after removing the quantity required.  Air in the bottle will harden Nylobond in the bottle so that it looks like ice cubes and is not usable.  After printing, cure normally, but do not stack garments.  Allow to harden over night. Then garments can be stacked.  After curing, ink can be dented with a fingernail, but after curing over night the ink will be hard and cannot be dented.  Jackets coated with water proofing should be wiped in the image area with denatured alcohol before printing so the ink adheres better.  After the ink has been cured the image area should be sprayed with water proofing.  Left over ink that includes Nylobond should be discarded, because the ink will  harden.
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