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4" Cap Squeegee

Part Number 4" Cap Squeegee
4" Cap Squeegee
4' Cap Squeegee
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Aluminum handle 4" long with 75-90-75 durometer blade for cap printing.  Other blades available upon request.  Aluminum handle with triple durometer blade is recommended for printing caps so corner of blade does not deflect more than rest of blade which would result in a different deposit of ink.  We print as close as 1/16" to the inside of a Newman M-1 cap screen.  Notice bolts are near the ends of the handle to provide support to the blade.  Aluminum is better than wood, because bolts go through the handle and not the blade.  With aluminum, pressure is constant the length of the blade compared to pressure points on wood where bolts go through the blade causing the blade to warp over time.  All squeegee blades should be polished before each print job using the free Squeegee Sharpener that you make.  We will custom cut to any length desired and sell by the inch.  For chest prints we recommend a 6" aluminum handle for a far superior printing experience than with wood.  Squeegee blades should be cleaned immediately after use, and never left sitting in ink or with ink on them, because the ink will make the blade become hard over time and then chip.  See video "Squeegee Secrets."
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