180 mesh Amber roll 30 yds less 10% on line

Part Number 180 mesh roll
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18x20" is the inside dimension of the most popular frame sold by Newman.  The piece of mesh is actually larger, i.e. 24" x 28", so there will be mesh to grip when inserting in the frame.  Larger frames like 23"x31" O.D. require mesh 28" x 34". Mesh is never cut.  We tear mesh so the mesh tears along a thread line.  You will receive a panel that is square so you can accurately align the edge of the mesh to the edge of the frame.  The threads of the mesh must be parallel to the sides of the screen in order to develop maximum tension, and to avoid the risk of splitting the mesh.  Buying mesh by the panel saves you time without paying a price penalty to have us prepare the mesh for you.  White mesh refracts light and emulsion exposes faster than dyed mesh.  Dyed mesh cost more than mesh not dyed.  Mesh counts 60-180 are offered as white mesh, because the increased resolution possible with dyed mesh would not be noticeable.  Mesh counts 180-355 are dyed, because typically fine details are being exposed and maximum resolution of images is required.
All products are 100% Made in USA, except mesh. No mesh is made in USA. There is NO Odor from any products we sell, or risk to children and pets. All products are green. The greatest health hazard is spray adhesive, but we offer Double Tape which eliminates spray adhesive, costs less, produces better print quality and allows you to print faster. We can tell you how to reduce your electric bill, sales taxes and more. We will help you improve your business.