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Conveyor Dryer 24" x 6'6"

Part Number Conveyor Dryer 24" x 6'6"
Conveyor Dryer 24" x 6'6"
24" belt 6'6" long 30"x30" hood
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Infra-red conveyor dryer rated at 150 shirts per hour.  Overall dimensions 6'6" long by 30" wide.  This is the most popular size conveyor.  Sold without legs, but including adjustable feet.  Put dryer on saw horses or work table.  Legs extra $450.  Crate, if shipping, $250.  110 volt input for belt speed control.  Heating element can be 110 volts or 220 volts at same price.  Heat control is solid state for continuous output of heat unlike conveyors sold by other companies that either do not have any heat control or have a switch that includes a relay like a hair dryer that periodically shuts off to protect the switch.  Doors, full insulation, 4 point belt tracking, and fiberglass teflon coated belt rated for 2000 degrees are included.  Belt, in-feed, and out-feed are removed to reduce crate size and cost to ship.  Conveyor can be expanded in length at a future date to add more heating elements and to increase in-feed, e.g. for water based inks, and out-feed.  Our most popular conveyor dryer.
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